I started the 100 Days of Code Challenge… Again

There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while… (there’s a lot of things I want to do actually)

I want to learn how to program.

And by program, I mean, not just dabble with bash, R and my vimrc, like I have been, but do some real programming (which must sound so cute and elementary to anyone who’s been a programmer for 5+ years but whatever).

And by ‘real’ programming I mean learning and understanding the basic programming principles, learn about compilers etc., writing an actual program, legit programming (which seems so trendy to say these days)

A couple of weeks ago I started the 100 Days of Code challenge.

The rules are simple:

  • code for 1 hour (minimum) every day for 100 days (at least)
  • Keep yourself accountable by promoting your progress on twitter or GitHub

The truth is that, for the last two weeks I’ve cut corners, tinkered around with stuff, Vim script tutorials, colour schemes stuff like that. I haven’t taken it seriously. I’ve even skipped a day or two.

So I’m writing this blog post to change all that.

Starting today (the day I began drafting this post which was Monday Nov 13th 2017) I am starting again at Day zero.

For the next 100 days (at least), every day, I will be spending one hour learning how to program in c++ with the intention of building a simple (at first) time management program.

I’ve just started uploading my mini programs in a repo on my GitHub account so anyone can come look at it and give me hints, help, make pull requests etc.

By the end of the 100 days challenge my very unactionable, unquantifiable goals are to:

  • Understand the basics of programming
  • Have firmly transitioned from the “total and utter noob” to the “beginner programmer” category, or better
  • feel more comfortable interacting with git and GitHub from the command line
  • understand the basics of c++
  • have a simple time management program, or something resembling something that may eventually become a time management program
  • boost my vim skills

I’m writing this post to keep myself extra accountable and to hopefully inspire anyone else considering some other life goal to do the same.

Why C++

So I decided I wanted to learn C++ to some extent on a whim.

After following the 100 Days of code on Twitter for a couple of weeks I noticed that most people were learning Python and Java Script, or doing the Free Code Camp. I wanted to do something a bit different, because that’s how I roll.

I also wanted to learn C++ because:

  • I wanted something I knew would be particularly challenging (and cool)
  • C++ can build just about anything you can think of
  • I should find it very useful for stuff relevant to my PhD
  • It is very fast
  • It has serious hack value
  • It will light vim up like a Christmas tree

Wish me luck

Sorry for the non blog this week.

If you’re interested then make sure you go to the 100 days of code website and check it out for yourself, or start your own 100 days challenge for anything that you want to do.

Because you can do anything…



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