Learn science with me


My name is Geoff and I’m a PhD student.

Welcome to my blog.

A guy named Benjamin Whichcote said that:

There is no better way to learn than to teach.

This is the primary motivation for this blog.

In an effort to learn and understand material relevant to my work, I write about it here and try to explain it as simply and clearly as possible.

This blog is my attempt to force myself to learn and help anyone who wants to, to learn also.

Most often I’ll be digging into and attempting to demystify the following subjects in no particular order:

  • Quantitative Genetics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Programming in R, Python, Bash and other relevant languages
  • Productivity and procrastination

To a lesser degree I’ll throw in some more general stuff about biology, genetics, psychology and other relevant subjects too.

You’ll also find me occasionally musing about PhD life in general (productivity woes, procrastination, publishing, work/life balance etc.) and anything remotely relevant to my professional life.

So if you’re an undergrad struggling with some complicated concepts, or are just procrastinating and willing to read just about anything other than what you’re supposed to be doing, then please take a look around. Hopefully you find something interesting and useful and, if I’ve achieved my goal, you’ll be able to learn from it too.

I believe that anyone, no matter how intelligent they think (or don’t think) they are, can learn even the most complicated scientific concepts.


I believe intelligence is largely a function of how hard you’re willing to work,


not how ‘smart’ you are. Sal Khan of Khan-academy agrees.

So let me know if there’s anything, anywhere here that’s unclear, and I’ll try to make it clearer for you. That is after all why I’m here; to help myself, and you, learn science.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for then let me know in the comments and I might write an article about it!

If you do then consider signing up to get notified every time I post a new article, and don’t forget to tell your friends.

For more information check out my about page.


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